Project Funway

One of the most creative (and hilarious) team building events we offer, Project Funway is patterned after the hit Bravo show “Project Runway.” In this event, teams are given the opportunity to design and construct garments, which will ultimately be displayed by their peers on the fashion runway!

Initially the teams will have a short period of time to sketch and design their outfits based on photo inspirations that are assigned to them. Once the sketches are completed, the teams will be given play money to purchase a variety of supplies (coffee filters, bubble wrap, bed sheets, fabrics, etc.). After the shopping stage, each team will choose one team member to be their model.

Their next challenge is to actually construct their outfit using nothing but the supplies they purchased during the first round of the event. We will also provide them with glue guns, staplers, and tape to hold their garments together. Teams must construct their garments carefully, as their models will actually need to wear the outfits during the final (and hilarious) part of the event: The Runway.

Our “celebrity” judges will determine which team wins the Best Garment Award, and of course, which individual wins the Best Model Award.


Project Funway Team Building Catwalk Project Funway contestants team building exercise

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