Amazing Race for Charity

racing amazing race outdoorsLike our Amazing Race adventure, this program is action-packed, as teams will have two to three hours to explore a particular area (a city center, hotel, theme park, etc.).

During the race they will solve a variety of puzzles which take them to specific locations where they will participate in a variety of challenges (building a self-standing five-foot tower, competing in a game of Giant Jenga, launching water balloons 100 feet with a three-person slingshot…!).  After competing in each challenge our facilitators will give each team items to put into their backpacks (supplied by us at the start of the event).

At the conclusion of the event the teams will reconvene to a designated area for lunch or dinner.  At this time the points will be tabulated and the winning team will be announced.  Any remaining items will also be distributed to the teams in order to fill all of the backpacks, and a representative from the charity will say a word of thanks to the entire group for the donation.

The items for the backpacks can be customized for a variety of charities, including food and cleaning supplies for homeless shelters or military families, or we can even give away school supplies for children at local Boys and Girls Clubs.

Everyone is sure to have a great time, and also be moved by the experience of helping people in the area.


Amzg Race for Charitybackpacks for kids team building backpacks for children team building school supplies charity team buildingWW Family Pack

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