Flugtag! Team Building Event

Put on your seatbelts and get ready for the flight of your life!! As your group arrives at the event, you will be greeted by airplane-inspired music and sound effects.  Our announcer will welcome everyone to Flugtag! (German for “Flight Day” or “Air Show”!)

Each team will be given a set of tools and materials that will be used to build their very own airplanes that will be hurled from our Flugtag device onto the tarmac.  In addition to the building materials, each team will also choose an Action Figure to be used as pilots!

Some planes might fly twenty or thirty feet; others might crash instantaneously!  But teams will be judged on several criteria including Distance, Style and Accuracy (teams will be given a bulls eye to place on the tarmac in anticipation of where they think their pilot will land before being hurled from the Flugtag device!)

This event will definitely challenge your creativity and engineering skills – and your stomach muscles, as you will undoubtedly be laughing… A LOT!

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