School of Rock – Guitar Build!

rock-and-roll-for-charity-logoWhat better gift to give a child than the gift of music?!

In our Rock & Roll for Charity event, your group will assemble guitars that will be given to children from a local Boys & Girls Club!


At the start each team is given a guitar body with several missing parts (neck, bridge, strings, etc.). Participants from each team will then compete against one another in a variety of challenges to earn the missing pieces of their guitars.

The challenges will all be Music-based (Name That Tune, Don’t Forget the Lyrics, a fun take on Musical Chairs, etc.).

After each challenge, teams will score points and they will also receive a guitar part. They will have a few minutes between challenges to assemble each part on their guitars.

After about five or six challenges, all of the guitars will be properly assembled. We will then give each team a tablet with a tuning app to properly tune their guitar. Once the guitars are tuned each team will have the opportunity to learn how to play a song using your guitar and app. You will then get to live out your lifelong dream of being a rock star as each team performs their song for everyone else in the room!

After the mini-concert we will present the brand new guitars to a representative from a local Boys & Girls Club. If possible, the Boys & Girls Club will bring children to the event so you can see exactly who is going to receive this wonderful gift of music.

(Please note that having children at the event is completely dependent on availability, event timing, proximity of the club to the venue, and each individual Boys & Girls Club’s ability to transport the children to and from the event.)

Your group is sure to have a great time during the event, but more importantly you will all feel the significance of giving a possibly life-changing gift to a child in need.


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