MacGyver: The Event

MacGyver Corporate Team Building Event Logoduct tape macgyver team buildingThe fate of the world rests in the hands of each team, and it may not seem like there’s much to work with. However, if we’ve learned anything from the man himself, it’s that you can accomplish quite a bit with some creative thinking and the few items that you’re team might happen to have laying around!

The event begins by separating into small groups, each of which are presented with (seemingly) random, everyday objects. With nothing more than their wits and some outside-the-box thinking (and a roll of duct tape), each team is challenged to solve their own impending, world-threatening crisis. After establishing their strategies, teams can earn money to “purchase” additional MacGyver-worthy materials to perfect their contraptions through a variety of  fun team challenges.

The event culminates with each group presenting their solutions to their respective looming catastrophe scenarios. Judges from our staff and participants determine which team has out-MacGyvered the rest based on a range of criteria that prioritize creativity and presentation. Only one team wins, but everyone leaves knowing that they have what it takes to save the world!


 macgyver team building prop

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